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i am creating a report for SQL Server 2008. i have a table with some rows. One of the row has a long text which will be displayed. If the text has a certain length, the whole row will be displayed on the second page and the half of the first page is empty. If the text is a bit shorter, the text will be displayed correctly on the first page. If the text is a bit longer, the text will also be displayed correctly (the first part of the text on the first page, the second part on the second page).

I cant find any settings for this problem. Does anyone have a solution?

Thanks Alex

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You could look at the Keep together on one page if possible setting at the Tablix level.

You can also look at the KeepTogether property at the row level and at other levels, e.g. Group.

Another option is to insert any objects to be kept together in a parent Rectangle object; this will always keep items together where possible.

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