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I would like to follow conventions including that not exceed 80 characters per line.

I downloaded the PDF explaining the naming class, variables, and speaking a bit of wrapping but it's still light.

It is stated: - break after a comma - break before an operator - prefer high level breaks to lower

But how to manage a simple case as this one :

File logDir = new File(PropertiesLoader.getProperty(SpecificConstant.AdminStorageProperty.LOG_FOLDER.getValue()));

I am tempted to wrap after the parenthesis of getProperty.

If we cut before an operator, must we do that for all the following operators? I often see this code:

String value = SpecificConstant

What is the better way to wrap lines ?

Thank you.

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IMHO the 80 characters per line is a little dated. However, long lines can also be a headache, producing code that is difficult to read. The important thing is to produce code that is easily readable by yourself and others. I often leave the "." on the previously line, but this more of "feel" I have then a rule. I also tend to group by logic groups where applicable, but again, this more a feel then a rule... –  MadProgrammer Jan 21 '13 at 10:29

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I use the default setting of my IDE so it will auto-format my code as I check it in or when I ask it to. I rarely manually format code.

I would write

 File logDir = new File(PropertiesLoader.getProperty(SpecificConstant.AdminStorageProperty.LOG_FOLDER.getValue()));

as (Using the introduce variable refactoring in my IDE)

 String logProp = SpecificConstant.AdminStorageProperty.LOG_FOLDER.getValue();
 File logDir = new File(PropertiesLoader.getProperty(logProp));

I use a proportional font in my IDE making a 80 character limit less meaningful ;) It is usually more like 200 character limit for me.

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IMHO, 80 width is a bit outdated of the times when the screen would read best with 80 becasue of low resolution then .

I use 120 as the default width within IDE and it formats to perfectly readable code.

File logDir = new File(PropertiesLoader.getProperty(SpecificConstant.AdminStorageProperty.LOG_FOLDER.getValue()));
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See Code Conventions for Java by Oracle

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