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I am storing each my users data in a bucket with his username object inside a bucket. like my bucket is "my.bucket/bob1" "my.bucket/bob2" and so on. I can get the size of the bucket by using the Amazon S3. $s3->get_bucket_filesize($bucket,true); But i need to calculate the size of the "my.bucket/bob1" I tried to use

$s3->get_object_filesize($bucket, "bob1");

But this returns only the size of that object and which is 0 as on my client side i am treating it like a folder.

But i need to get the size of the users folder level in an efficient way for cost and time.


Used Below code But this is very slow, i have thousands of files from 1KB to 1GB+ and this code is taking too much time.

    function get_size($bucket,$path,$s3){
    $size = 0;

    $response = $s3->list_objects($bucket,array(
    'prefix' => $path.'/'

        foreach ($response->body as $object)
            $size  = $size+$object->Size;

       // $size = number_format($size / 1024 / 1024, 2); 

        return $size;
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Please try the below code using getObjectInfo.

$objInfo = $s3->getObjectInfo($bucket, "bob1");
echo $objInfo['size'];
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Hi @Asghar please let me know if this helps. –  OMG Jan 21 '13 at 15:34
I am using the latest version AWS- PHP SDK and this method is not listed there. –  Asghar Jan 22 '13 at 12:13

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