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i am just starting to develop in monodroid , i know android and c# too. i have created android app using viewflow example. so i have now viewflow library 's jar file , i have included that .jar file in my monodroid java binding library as defined in http://docs.xamarin.com/Android/Guides/Advanced_Topics/Java_Integration_Overview/Binding_a_Java_Library_(.jar). But when i build that java library project i have got following error.. i have stuck with this almost 3 hrs. 'Org.Taptwo.Android.Widget.ViewFlow' does not implement inherited abstract member 'Android.Widget.AdapterView.RawAdapter.set'

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This has been filed as bug 11279. The workaround is to add a file to your binding project with the following contents:

using Android.Runtime;

namespace Org.Taptwo.Android.Widget {

  partial class ViewFlow {
    protected override Java.Lang.Object RawAdapter {
      get {return Adapter.JavaCast<Java.Lang.Object>();}
      set {Adapter = value.JavaCast<global::Android.Widget.IListAdapter>();}

Change the namespace and type name as appropriate to fix other binding projects.

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