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I want to run C# programs on my HTC Magic, I can find the mono app on the Android market but I have no clue on how to run C# using.

The code is just for fun, I don't want official support and such. After coding Visual Basic on windows mobile, I really want to code C# on Android, whether directly using some sort of editor if exists, or compiling it on a PC then installing it on Android.

If anyone knows a way to do such please let me know.

Thank you

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Novell (MonoTouch) is working on bringing .Net to all devices, so you don't have to rewrite your code for each platform.

Android is in Beta. iPhone is available already.


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Yep, the project is called MonoDroid and is being actively developed. However, it is not production-ready yet:

We are planning on launching MonoDroid later this summer

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