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I want to record audio not into file, but into same variable, for example char[ ] or byte[ ] or some other datta buffer structure. I want to send it to the remote server via Wi-Fi, can provide this functionality?

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It is possible. The MediaRecorder writes to a FileDescriptor not necessarily to a File. Note that this is not "streaming"! You'll have to write to a file on server-side again. This may help:… – Fildor Jan 21 '13 at 13:25
actually you can create a file descriptor that simply writes to an internal buffer instead of a file, also don't forget that sockets have a file descriptor as well, which you write to in order to write to the socket. there is also no need to write a file server side as long as something is listening on the correct socket address to receive those packets and process them accordingly. – S E Jan 21 '13 at 14:32
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What you can do here is utilize the ParcelFileDescriptor class.

//make a pipe containing a read and a write parcelfd
ParcelFileDescriptor[] fdPair = ParcelFileDescriptor.createPipe();

//get a handle to your read and write fd objects.
ParcelFileDescriptor readFD = fdPair[0];
ParcelFileDescriptor writeFD = fdPair[1];

//next set your mediaRecorder instance to output to the write side of this pipe.

//next create an input stream to read from the read side of the pipe.
FileInputStream reader = new FileInputStream(readFD.getFileDescriptor());

//now to fill up a buffer with data, we just do a simple read
byte[] buffer = new byte[4096];//or w/e buffer size you want

//fill up your buffer with data from the stream;// may want to do this in a separate thread

and now you have a buffer full of audio data

alternatively, you may want to write data directly to a socket from the recorder. this can also be achieved with the ParcelFileDescriptor class.

//create a socket connection to another device
Socket socket = new Socket("",65535);//or w/e socket address you are using

//wrap the socket with a parcel so you can get at its underlying File descriptor
ParcelFileDescriptor socketWrapper = ParcelFileDescriptor.fromSocket(socket);

//set your mediaRecorder instance to write to this file descriptor

now any time your media recorder has data to write it will automatically write it over the socket

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