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I have tried and used the gigya showLoginUI javascript plugin in my html. The plugin renderd the social icons. I am trying to use the redirect feature of gigya. I have mentioned the redirectURL in my javascript. still the gigya does not redirect to the specified url. Please find the belwo code sample

            height: 85
               ,width: 100,
            showTermsLink:false // remove 'Terms' link
            ,hideGigyaLink:true // remove 'Gigya' link
            ,buttonsStyle: 'standard' // Change the default buttons design to "Full Logos" design
            ,enabledProviders: 'facebook,twitter'
            ,showWhatsThis: false // Pop-up a hint describing the Login Plugin, when the user rolls over the Gigya link.
                   ,containerID: 'loginDiv' // The component will embed itself inside the loginDiv Div 

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As per the gigya documentation, if the redirectURL needs to work the showLoginUI js should have the param


included in it. This param is missing in your javascript. Please refer the documenation at

gigya documentation

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