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Following this article


I downloaded the HBase and Thrift php client package and placed them in the var/www/thrift/ directory on my ubuntu machine and wrote this simple client code to open a connection and show the tables in the database. But the server keeps reverting back with the error message "Connection timed out[110]". Any ideas..?? Also the code executes fine when run on the server (Amazon EC2) with $transport = new TSocket('localhost', 10001);


require_once('thrift/src/Thrift.php' );
require_once('thrift/src/transport/TSocket.php' );
require_once('thrift/src/transport/TBufferedTransport.php' );
require_once('thrift/src/protocol/TBinaryProtocol.php' );
require_once ('thrift/ThriftHive.php');

//open connection
$transport = new TSocket('107.xx.xx.101', 10001);
$protocol = new TBinaryProtocol($transport);
$client = new ThriftHiveClient($protocol);

catch(Exception $ex)
    echo $ex->getMessage();

//show tables
$client->execute('SHOW TABLES');
$tables = $client->fetchAll();
foreach ($tables as $name){
echo( " found: {$name}\n" );

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The error message means: (1) Thrift is not running (or) (2) The port is wrong. Were you able to find out the problem? –  Suman Jan 25 '13 at 20:25
No I could not figure out the problem, but I could get the job done using JDBC. But I am still puzzled about the failure of this code. –  user1976547 Jan 29 '13 at 5:23
I see, your server is on Amazon EC2. Make sure your Security Groups allows that port (10001?) to be accessible by the public. –  Suman Jan 29 '13 at 23:12

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