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I am using mongodb with php I want my id to be autoincremented with the other fields I use following code but it is not running my code is

 $cnt =0;
 $count = ++$cnt;
 echo $count;
 $a =  $collection->insert(array('id'=>$count,'html' => $htmlData));

Please help me as soon as possible

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MongoDB itself uses a Mongoid for each recor. You can use that. –  Sankalp Mishra Jan 21 '13 at 11:30
First google result: docs.mongodb.org/manual/tutorial/… note that an auto increment field is bad if you don't need it, please be aware that you will most likely be better off with the OjbectId Edit: What do you mean by it is not running your code? What is it doing? Does it give an error? Etc –  Sammaye Jan 21 '13 at 11:31

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In your code example, you're setting the id field to your incremented number. Based on that, I expect you will find html, id, and _id fields in your inserted document. MongoDB does uses _id, not id, to store document identifiers. If that field isn't present in the data you're inserting, the driver will create a new ObjectId (MongoId instance in PHP) and assign it to that field.

Unless you have a pressing need for incrementing identifiers, you would be better served by using an ObjectId. Having said that, in addition to the documentation Sammaye linked (here), you might find the auto-increment generator class from Doctrine MongoDB ODM a helpful example (see: here).

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