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I'm new to CompoundJS. I'm working on a sample app. If following the below tutorial:

Using Mongoose Models

I have written the below code in db/schema.js file:

customSchema(function () {

   var mongoose = require('mongoose');


   var Schema = mongoose.Schema, ObjectId = Schema.ObjectId;

   module.exports["mongoose"] = mongoose;

   module.exports["model"] = {}


In my model.js file (person.js), I have the code below:

   var Person = mongoose.model('Person', new module.schema());

   model['Person'] = Person;

When I run compound s , I'm getting ReferenceError: mongoose is not defined.

Any help would be appreciable. Thanks in advance.

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Wiki is outdated, all documentation currently available at http://compoundjs.com, and i will remove wiki to avoid confusions.

You can use this example if you need mongoose as ORM: https://github.com/anatoliychakkaev/mongoose-compound-example-app

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Hey, thanks. I'll check it out... +1 for you. And I have one more question that I've asked in stackoverflow.com/questions/14436958/…. Could you please help me. Thanks again. –  senthil Jan 21 '13 at 13:31

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