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I'm developing an android application. I'm using android 2.3.3 for development.

Here in one screen I'm showing text box (EditText) and get the input from user.
The requirement is the restrict the user to type only capital letters (only alphabets,numbers) and no special character allowed

For that if I use "InputType.TYPE_TEXT_FLAG_CAP_CHARACTERS" then it will allow only capital characters (only displays keyboard as capital letters) but it also allows special characters &, * etc.

But i need ,that no special characters and the keyboard shows only the upper case letters
Whether the above is possible in android or not?
All your ideas are welcome.

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use the above line in the.xml file so that it only enters the alphabets and numbers only

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I want to allow space ? –  LMK Oct 1 '13 at 5:54
@LMK for space just use like "ABC DEF" means just add space anywhere inside this " " –  Arslan Ahmad Apr 13 at 12:09
I dont like the answer.. because if some one wants to change the language what should he do he doesnot even write any character ?? –  Arslan Ahmad Apr 14 at 8:12

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