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if ([eventStore.calendars count] == 0)   
        NSLog(@"No calendars are found.");
        return NO;
 EKCalendar *targetCalendar = nil;
 /* Try to find the calendar that the user asked for */
 for (EKCalendar *thisCalendar in eventStore.calendars){ line2
     if ([thisCalendar.title isEqualToString:paramCalendarTitle] &&
         thisCalendar.type == paramCalendarType){
        targetCalendar = thisCalendar;

Line 1 and line 2 getting an error: "calendars deprecated : first deprecated in IOS 6"
How to resolve it?

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Instead you have to use the following method.

- (NSArray *)calendarsForEntityType:(EKEntityType)entityType;

NSArray *cals = [eventStore calendarsForEntityType: EKEntityTypeEvent];

And use the array cals in line2.

Check the documentation here

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