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I am using VS Studio Express 2012 on my Windows 8 machine and developing Win8 Store App, using a trial and free account.

I am using a ListBox in my app and try to populate an image with some other stuffs from a collection class. The code snippets look like this:

<ListBox x:Name="OwnerDraw" Width="600" HorizontalAlignment="Left" ItemsSource="{Binding Statuses}">
            <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal">
                <Image Width="300" Height="400" Source="{Binding Path=photo.imageUrl}" Stretch="Uniform"/>
                <TextBlock FontSize="36" Foreground="Navy" Text="{Binding Path=id}"/>
                <TextBlock FontSize="24" Foreground="Red" Text="{Binding Path=created_at}" Margin="50,0,0,0"/>

The id/created_at field displayed fine. But can't see the image.

The photo.imageUrl is something like: http://www.rsywx.net/books/cover/01732.png. The access to that site is OK and not down. A working example is here for reference.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

UPDATE: It turns out to be working now. False alarm. Sorry!

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