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I have data like this,


and I want to sum all field2. I use shell_exec.

$execute = 'x=0;for i in `cut -d\',\' -f2 /app/tibs/tosweb/CCS1/tos/temp/test2.txt`; do let x+=i; echo $x; done';
$output = shell_exec($execute);
echo "<pre>".var_export($output, TRUE)."</pre>\\n";

I don't understand, why value of x always return 0? please help me friend, thank you before.

*sorry my english is bad :P

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cut doesn't accept a multiple-character delimiter (it considers your escaped delimited as a multi-character because of the escapes). So you can use unescaped:

x=0;for i in `cut -d"," -f2 data.txt `; do let x+=i; echo $x; done

or awk instead

x=0;for i in `awk -F\',\' '{ print $1 }'  data.txt `; do let x+=i; echo $x; done

To prevent escaping enclose the command with the doule qoutes:

$execute = "x=0;for i in `cut -d',' -f2 /app/tibs/tosweb/CCS1/tos/temp/test2.txt`; do let x+=i; echo $x; done";
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before I use quote, I was using double quotes. and if I use double quote, return value always string(0). I try code in other server it's working normally. I try this in my server: shell_exec("echo $((10 + 5))"); and return value is NULL. why if I use aritmetich operation isn't working? –  user1997054 Jan 22 '13 at 2:50
I tried the code on mine and it's working fine. Are you able to run the command from the SSH cli? –  AlecTMH Jan 22 '13 at 6:16

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