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I've decided to make a class that emulates the functionality of UIAlertView so that I can have a better API for callbacks and theme the alerts better. I add another window to the iOS main window to show the alert.

The problem is with voiceover. With the standard UIAlertView voiceover makes a special sound to indicate that there is an alert view on the screen.

I can get the standard voiceover screen change chirp by posting UIAccessibilityScreenChangedNotification but this is different from the Alert view's chirp.

I want this to feel like a UIAlertView for voiceover users. To do this i need to be able to programatically replicate its special chirp.

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It's not ideal (you'd lose the theming for instance), but you could have your custom implementation detect if voiceover is enabled using UIAccessibilityIsVoiceOverRunning() and fall back to using a standard UIAlertView if it is.

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You know thats not a bad idea at all. With the alert replacement acting as UIAlertViewDelegate I can still have the completion block callbacks. Worth it as voice over customers tend to be the nicest customers. –  jackslash Feb 27 '13 at 15:18

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