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I am looking to do Qt development with Visual Studio 2005.

I have built the Qt libraries for Visual C++ and have downloaded the Qt plug-in using the steps outlined here.

I've set the QTDIR environment variable to point to the newly built Qt environment (C:\Qt\vc).

However, when I start Visual Studio, I get the following message:

  These Qt versions are inaccessible: 
  vc in c:\Qt\vc.
  Make sure that you have read access to all files in your Qt directories.

(And I definitely have read access)

How can I fix this?

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I fixed it. The key is to point QTDIR to the qt directory within the environment, so in my case c:\Qt\vc\qt. The error message is just not very intuitive.

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The similar error can arise in Visual Studio Add-In for Qt 5 when it fails to find proper directory itself (wrong QTDIR?)

The solution is to go to QT5 — Qt Options menu in Visual Studio and point it to the proper c:\...\Qt5xx\qtbase directory.

Note that you can completely delete QTDIR and Qt from PATH environment variable and switch Qt versions from within the Qt Options menu.

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After applying all your possible solutions I still had the same problem when building with Incredibuild.

I investigated the source code of the VS Addin and finally found a way to solve it:

In your Qt folder, you have to create a new dir default under the mkspecs folder, which contains a qmake.conf having the following content:



(Replace win32-msvc2012 with the appropriate platform and buildtools)

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