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I have just installed the very latest stable titanium for windows 8 (x64), android sdk etc etc. All have installed ok and titanium studio's checks show android as being installed correctly.

The problem is that under the 'file / new' menu, I don't have the "titanium mobile project" as an option. Watching and reading various online resources about getting started with Titanium for mobile, I see that this is what I need to click on.

Can anyone assist in checking any plugins I should verify I have installed within the ide or anything else that may appear to be relevant ?

To confirm; I get 3 project types currently. These are

Titanium Project... Titanium Module Project... Project...

Thanks for any assistance

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thanks so much! such an easy answer for once –  AdamJones Jan 21 '13 at 19:26

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Titanium project is the new titanium mobile project according to another forum since the titanium desktop option is no longer included.

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Do you have a source you can link to? It would be more helpful. Thank you. –  Micke Feb 18 '13 at 7:28
Link by Muhammad Zeeshan in first comment to the question. –  Chaudhry Junaid Jan 15 at 6:24

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