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I want to test my neo4j project with nosql unit. This works fine as long as I don't need a lucene index. Is there a way to create a test database with an index? I think graphml offers no possibility for indexes, so I try to use the auto-index like this:

public void startAutoIndex(){
    AutoIndexer<Node> nodeAutoIndexer = graphDb.index().getNodeAutoIndexer();
    nodeAutoIndexer.startAutoIndexingProperty( "id" );
    nodeAutoIndexer.startAutoIndexingProperty( "refname" );

this doesn't work for me. Is there another way to implement the auto-index?

Best regards Jan

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generally , two ways.

  1. either you use the geoff xml export format

  2. or use your graphml, but set up autoindexing on the server side using the conf/server.properties file. there, set up these rows:


restart the db and do the graphml import (assuming the imported nodes have id and refname as their properties - in case you need a general id of the neo4j db and not your unique one, there is no need to specify the id as an index.).

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