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Last Friday i was implementing the Social Plugin LikeBox for my company page and it looked very good. Today i was looking at it again and in some way it seems to be broken. i am using a likebox containing only the stream. it had put in a height of 600px but for some weird reason, since today the height is limited to 300px it is ignoring bigger heights. this doesnt look any good on the page. Also i wanted a white border which also worked last friday but now the boarder seems to be hard coded to grey color.

I also tried to set the height with CSS styles but as the content is loaded from a different page it seems not to accept any styles given by my css files...

Any information/proposals/tips to solve by anyone?

this is pretty urgent, because we want to deploy the facebook plugin as soon as possible.

thanks in advance!

greets, Andi

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I have the same question. Firebug shows that the IFRAME is indeed set to the height as set in the Facebook code (750px) but for some reason the BODY of the page inside the IFRAME is only 300px high.

This started recently as I have other sites that has been running for a while with no problem and now all sites have the same problem.

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Seems they have fixed the border Color now but the height bug is still remaining. or is this maybe supposed to be? – Andi Hofmann Jan 25 '13 at 14:01
now it fully works again, Facebook finally fixed it – Andi Hofmann Feb 11 '13 at 9:59

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