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I have folder structure like shown below,

|   |_lib.js
|   |_Image1
|_ Folder_1
|   |_ Folder_1_page1 (Includes Page 2) (Displaying Image using lib.js from folder Images)
|_ Page1 (Includes Page 2) (Displaying Image using lib.js from folder Images)
|_ Page2

My Question is
How to handle relative path/Context path while calling pages as shown above

If I am On root folders "page1", it calls page2 from same folder which displays image from Images folder
If I am On Folder_1_Page1 page then it calls page2 from root folder which unable to display image

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possible duplicate of Browser can't access/find relative resources like CSS, images and links when calling a Servlet which forwards to a JSP Note that this has technically nothing to do with ajax. –  BalusC Jan 21 '13 at 13:02

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