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While do databinding , in JSF we have datatable feature for arranging data in a table with style.

Is there any feature like datatable in spring MVC ? I do it using JSTL forEach as normally. But if there any feature like datatable(in JSF) , we can easly manage it including their CSS style.

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I would recommend the datatables4j (based on jQuery DataTables), it works pretty well with Spring MVC.

See also

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Absolutely ! :-) And DataTables4j provides also a Thymeleaf support if needed ! – tduchateau Feb 1 '13 at 16:55
Datatables4j was renamed to Dandelion Datatables. – helmy May 15 '14 at 16:31

There's nothing specific to Spring MVC - it doesn't really provide any UI components see Spring MVC & UI Components

In the past I've ended up using either JSP tag libraries or JavaScript libraries.

You might want to look at Display Tag (JSP) or jQuery Datatables plugin (JavaScript). With Display Tag I've often ended up writing some utility classes for abstracting out & handling the paging/sorting in a controller.

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I have integrated Spring MVC, Hibernate and DataTables in several projects. I have written a howto specific for Spring Roo but it can be easily applied to a normal Spring MVC application and with any JPA implementation.

There is also a link to the whole project in github.

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