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    $this->widget('CAutoComplete', array(
    'url'=> $this->createAbsoluteUrl('products/suggestions'),
    'value'=>($_GET['search'] == '')?'Search for Mobiles, Cameras & Laptops':$_GET['search'],
    'resultsClass'=>'searchAutoComplete ac_results',
    'htmlOptions'=> array(

This is my widget for taking input, and I am passing the class searchAutoComplete. What the class should be? What I want is, when I click on the field the value will be empty.

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Please edit your question to make it more clear, I could not understand what you need – Asgaroth Jan 21 '13 at 14:49
As above. Do you mean you want to remove the string 'Search for Mobiles, Cameras & Laptops' from the input when a user clicks on the input? – Stu Jan 21 '13 at 16:59

When you click on input field, event onclick is going on. So, you can handle it and change input value to empty. Howto?

Change your 'htmlOptions' like this:

'htmlOptions'=> array(

#input-box - css-selector of your input.

val() - jQuery method for setting some value to elements. See more info about this method

resultsClass - the CSS class for the dropdown list. Defaults to "ac_results". More info

For the task solution you don't need change resultsClass from the default value. Remove this string.

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