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we have a requirement like showing documents as preview pane.So to show the outlook .msg files body text,i have taken the code from Codeproject article using following link Reading an Outlook MSG File in C#

Using the above code from link,i can able to show the body of the .msg file. But if the .msg file is Digitally signed then the BodyText (plain text and Rtf type text) of the .msg file comes Empty.

1)how to find weather that .msg file is signed or not ?

2) How to get the signatured .msg file body text to display in any control?

Please help me in this regard i am new to this type of once.

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You will need to look at the message class to figure out the item type.
If you are not using the Outlook Object Model to read encrypted/signed messages (OOM always decrypts the mesages and represents them as regular MailItem objects), you can either decrypt the p7m file that contains the actual data (you can see it in OutlookSpy if you click OpenIMsgOnIStg) or you can use Redemption and its RDOEncryptedMessage object (call RDOEncryptedMessage.GetDecryptedMessage).
To open an MSG file, use RDOSession.GetMessageFromMsgFile.

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