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I want to inject repositories, services and UoW into app layer and inject a DBcontext into UoW and into Repositories.

DBContext must be the same context in UoW and every repositories in AppLayer, but must be disposed once the applayer is disposed and a new DBContext must be created in every AppLayer resolve.

Is it PerResolveLifetimeManager in the Unity's DBContext type mapping configuration suitable for this case?


appLayer = resolve<IAppLayer>
// end main

//applayer class
public class AppLayer : IAppLayer{

  AppLayer(IRepository, IBusinesService, IUoW){...//init vbles} //ctor, dependencies injected by Unity

  public void doSomeStuff(){


      businessEntity = IRepository.findEntity()
      IUoW.saveChanges() //works because IRepository is using the same DBContext to find the entity, so the entity is attached to the same DBContext.

    }//end using

  }//end doSomeStuff

}//end applayerclass
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PerResolveLifetimeManager fits perfect for this scenario. I did a empirical test checking persistence cache and instances hash codes.

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This answer makes me happy. –  Jeff Feb 7 '14 at 12:25

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