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I am using import to mouse-select a screenshot, and under linux it works ok with import <filename>.

Under osx instead (snowleopard), the same command hasnt any effect: the terminal remains with the cursor blinking, the mouse doesnt change shape suggesting that I select a region, and I can only ^C it.

Using it instead so:

import -window root a.png

it works perfectly.

Any hint?

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This is a quirky thing with X11, Imagemagick, and Snow Leopard. The import command hangs and waits until you invoke the X display server. If you do not have X11 "XQuartz" running, or installed, you would experience the same behavior your observing. Here are some examples of X server running on top of OS X's display manager.

convert x: -window root desktop # same as import

X11 desktop on Snow Leopard

Notice you can see the running xlogo application from the X server, but pixel garbage form the non-X display manager.

To capture a single window, I'll need to run the following command, switch to an X application, and finally select a window.

convert x: app.png 

X application


Why use Imagemagick at all? Snow leopard ships with a screencapture utility. Checkout the manual. Simply updated your script to identify which utility to use.

IMPORT_BIN=$(which screencapture)
if [ -z "$IMPORT_BIN" ]; then
  # Not on OS X, use IM's import command
  # On OS X, don't trust X display system
$(IMPORT_BIN) filename.png

For the most part, most of this issues have been resolved already. Ensure that you have the latest versions of X11, Imagemagick, and start making plans to migrate off OS X 10.6.

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