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Here's the link to the app...


enter image description here

I've looked around and mostly suggest private api or networkactivityindicator (which is not what im looking for)

Would appreciate any hint on how I could start

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The network quality of the Viber app refers to the data connection.

Set a start time at NSURLConnectionDataDelegate's connection:didReceiveResponse:, then transmit something and count the bytes at connection:didReceiveData:. At connectionDidFinishLoading: set the finish time, calculate the time interval and match that against your arbitrary thresholds.

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I have the feeling a default iOS framework would have that information (look at networking libraries in iOS). If not, you could possibly look at ping times (ping a URL in the background and look at the delay amount, make sure you're using a server that's available and quick at all times. ping google.com maybe?)

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