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I'm trying to make a script where there are for example 9 widgets (Buttons, Labels...) and I want when I click and hold on any widget and I drag over another widget, both of widgets to be recolored (resp. all the widgets I dragged over), until I release the mouse button.

from Tkinter import *

root = Tk()

def recolor(event):
    global ButtonList



i = 0

while i < 9:
    ButtonList[i] = Label(root, text = i, width = 4, height = 2)
    ButtonList[i].grid(row = i%3, column = i/3)

    ButtonList[i].bind("<Enter>", recolor) 

    i += 1


This script only recolors the widget that I clicked on and after releasing the button it reacts on <Enter> event. How to make the script to react <Enter> event on all widgets when I hold the mouse button?

I apologize for my english.

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When a binding fires, the widget attribute will always be set to the widget that is handling the event. To find the widget under the mouse you need to use the method winfo_containing.

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Thank you very much!!! Works fine now. –  user1967718 Jan 21 '13 at 15:47

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