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I have to evaluate different tools capable of managing scrums projects. What we need is pretty basic:

  • Just PBI / SBI management (no code reviews, no bugs, just PBI and SBIs).
  • No web tools, we do not want to have our data on 3rd party servers.
  • It will be a plus if the PBI / SBI templates allow customization.
  • Trial version it's a must.
  • Reports available.

We're evaluating TFS but may be it's overkill just to handle this kind of data (we don't need source control for example).

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I know you say that you dont want a web tool and you dont need bug management. I still think you should consider Atlassian Jira with GreenHopper extension.

It is a web based tool but you can run it from your own servers. It was first developed for bug tracking but with the Greenhopper extension it now supports Scrum. You can try it for free and buy it for 10$ for 10 developers.

I have used multiple different tools for managing Scrum but none of them came close to the tools from Atlassian. Both planning, management and the daily work feels very intuitive. It has very good tools for reporting (e.g. a superb scripting language) and it is easy to customize the system.

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Such basic needs are very easily met with a whiteboard, post-it notes, and 5 minutes a day updating a spreadsheet. I would start there and understand what that's not giving you. It's much simpler than using a tool, and is infinitely customizable. Once you go electronic, it becomes more difficult to make improvements to your processes, especially as you get more and more data.

Hope that helps!


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