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Is there any way to see what all Performance Counter has been registered by an application?

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Yes, you can check the GetCounter() method from the PerformanceCounterCategory class. You will take a PerformanceCounter[] and some information about for each counter.

PerformanceCounterCategory pcc = new PerformanceCounterCategory();

// Retrieves the list of performance object instances that are associated with this category.
foreach (string instanceName in pcc.GetInstanceNames()) 
    // Retrieves a list of the counters in a performance counter category that contains exactly one instance.
    foreach (PerformanceCounter counter in pcc.GetCounters())
        // now you have the counter object that represents a PerformanceCounter to get some information about the performance counter

        Console.WriteLine("Category: " + counter.Category);
        Console.WriteLine("Instance Name: " + counter.InstanceName);    
        Console.WriteLine("Machine Name: " + counter.MachineName);

        Console.WriteLine("Counter Name: " + counter.CounterName);

        Console.WriteLine("Next Value: " + counter.NextValue());
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