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I am writing a scientific application for my Maths PhD in C++, it's based on some heavy linear algebra, mostly BLAS level 3 routines. The sizes of the matrices employed vary considerably, ideally I would like to be able to deal with very large matrices of order 10000 and higher. So far I have used Intel MKL, multi-threaded, scales nicely onto 8 cores. My algorithm produces the correct results, however is very unstable, in double precision arithmetic, due to the accumulating errors, resulting from high powers being taken. Additionally, as I have access to a large supercomputer cluster, and my algorithm can be easily scaled across multiple nodes, I would like to employ MPI to scale the application across hundreds of nodes.

My goal is to find a templated BLAS library that:

Supports Multiple Precision Arithmetic, Supports Multi-threading, Supports MPI

My findings so far: MTL4 - Matrix Template library 4 seems to do all of the above, however the open source edition will only run on one core, and the supercomputing edition is quite costly.

Eigen - appears not to support multicore? Does it support multicore and MPI if linked with MKL?

Armadillo - does all the above?

I would greatly appreciate any insights and recommendations

Kind Regards,


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If you're sure that MTL4 satisfies your needs perfectly I would recommend to contact MTL4 sales directly and ask for a single free education license. –  Andy T Jan 21 '13 at 14:53

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Depending on your matrix problem, the Tpetra package of Trilinos might be worth a look. It's templated on the scalar type, so you might use multiple precision types. It targets large scale applications on supercomputers so one can expect good parallel performances.

Hope it helps!

Edit: and it's free!

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