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I can return a snippeted TextField field in the search results of the (experimental) Google App Engine Search API. But how can I return a snippeted HtmlField field? I tried this, but the HTML tags are not removed in the snippeted result. Also, the dot at the end of a sentence is removed in the snippeted result. I would like to present the snippeted results like the Google search results: without HTML tags, with a dot at the end of a sentence. Is it possible? Should I just have patience and wait for future releases? That could take a long time. I use Python.

Edit: Now I store a copy of the HTML content with the HTML tags removed in the index document, so that solves the HTML problem. But how can I display the punctuation in the snippeted field in the search results?

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Apparently, there are some issues with the Search API on the development server. In production, punctuation and snippeted HTML field is shown as expected. Also, I think query results are cached somewhere on the development server.

I guess these problems have to do with the Search API still being experimental.

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