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I´m trying to update a DefaultComboBoxModel named 'mdlCategory' with that piece of code.

private void categoriesUpdate(String categoryName, boolean addElement) {

    if (!categoryName.equals("")) {

        if (addElement) {//that block works propertly
            Category c = new Category(-1);
        } else {//not works!!
            Category cat = (Category) mdlCategories.getSelectedItem();

When addElement is true, a new category is added to the model in a correct way.

I have the problem in 'else' block...when try to update a category getting it from DefaultComboBoxModel the model doesn't change in a proper way, even removing and adding it again, although when I pass the cursor over the combo, the change happens but not persist.

Am I updating the model's category object in a wrong way?

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for better help sooner post an SSCCE, short, runnable, compilable, just about JFrame with one JComboBox and JButton invoked a.m. issues, otherwise no idea – mKorbel Jan 21 '13 at 15:00

You should inform Swing about changes in your model. In if-block it makes mdlCategory.addElement(c); . For else-block you should call setElementAt:

} else {//not works!!
            Category cat = (Category) mdlCategories.getSelectedItem();
            int idx = mdlCategories.indexOf(cat);
            mdlCategory.setElementAt(cat, idx);

Probably last line (selAllergenCategory.setSelectedItem(cat);) is not required

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