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I've been reading about WCF, REST and WEB API topic a lot these days - unfortunately the more I read more confused I got - especially because when it comes to naming things.

I think it's best I briefly describe my usecase here:

So I got this .NET4 service/provider application which is using WCF. I want to add another service which should communicate on the one hand with the other services via WCF, but on the other hand be an REST Web API which puts out JSON.

When I started my research, I found this REST Starter Kit... which is for .NET 3.5 and out of order now. Then I found the WCF Web API which is now known as ASP.NET WEB API. When I read about the ASP.NET it seems it is something different from WCF ... because it is often compared to WCF.

So what would be the way to go for me here?

thank you for your time. M.

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Do you have any particular problem you can describe, preferably with some code examples? What are you trying to achieve? Does your application need to be cross-machine or cross-platform? –  StaWho Jan 21 '13 at 15:00
currently the application is running on one machine. But the new service is added to support communication with mobile devices (android as first step) via REST. –  Mathias Jan 21 '13 at 15:22
IMHO either, leaning toward Web API only because of the pre-built scaffolding. I'm sure you know you can generate XML or JSON in WCF and make it "RESTful" which is why "either" is still good to me. The lack of WCF documentation could also be challenging (web config, bindings, etc.) so enter Web API, which if you're familiar with MVC, should be a quick study. –  EdSF Jan 21 '13 at 18:41

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