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I get ORA-04091 Error while inserting data into table A. Table A records are refferencing other records in the same table 1:N. Father records have fk_id = null and child records have fk not null.

create or replace trigger TRBI_A 
for each row
  IF :new.fk_id IS NOT NULL then
     UPDATE A SET actualTS = CURRENT_TIMESTAMP WHERE id = :new.fk_id;

ORA-04091: table name is mutating, trigger/function may not see it

The problem could is probably caused by trigger which tried to modify or query a table that is currently being modified by the statement that fired the trigger. Does anyone know how to modify the trigger to have it correct?

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You know what the problem is, so just read your code: you update the same table you ar eputting the trigger on. I guess in your case you just need to put :NEW.actualTS:=current_timestamp, without using the update statement.

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