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Sample image - shows whats to be done by the API

My Situation

I need to develop an application which does crowd-sourced Image-To-Text service (just like google's reCaptcha). So i need an OCR API which can find words in an image with some text.

My Research

  • I have gone through JavaOCR Library.
  • Also Tessaract (which is not implemented in Java & Tess4J Wrapper doesnt have anything im looking for).

So basically i have no where to go , So i need help

What I want

  • Are there any API exist (preferably in Java) that does exactly as i have shown in the image above ?
  • If no such API exists, is there any EXACT algorithms suitable for this process ?
  • If not, whats your suggestion to achieve this ?

Note : I dont want another just image-to-text APIs.. I need an API which finds WORD LOCATIONS in the imput image

Thanks in advance...

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come on guys.. someone there ? –  Dreamer Feb 7 '13 at 14:59

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Tess4J can get the bounding box of each recognized word. Look at its included unit tests or the code example at Tess4J: How to use ResultIterator?.

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