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I have been using JProbe on Windows and I liked it very much. Unfortunately, I have to ditch my Windows PC due to office space limitation so I am left with MACs only. As far as I know, JProbe doesn't have a MAC version so I am looking for an alternative on Mac OS X, preferably free and with Eclipse plugins. Do you have any suggestions?

I already searched other SO posts. I am using JVisualVM (same as NetBeans) but I am looking for something similar to JProbe. I also looked into YourKit and JProfiler. They all look good but they are a little bit pricy for me.

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Can you run a Windows PC inside a VM such as VirtualBox? – Greg Hewgill Sep 18 '09 at 12:14
I do have Parallels VM running but you would never do profiling there. The numbers will be skewed due to the VM overhead. I also run Windows natively using bootcamp but it's just a hassle I am trying to avoid. – ZZ Coder Sep 18 '09 at 12:31
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Never used MAC before :( I am fan of YourKit :) but since you said you have already looked into it this might be of help. Got it from google! Shark- MAC

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Take a look at Shark. It's a general profiler, but it handles Java apps as well.

Shark screenshot

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SUN Java SDK now ships with its own profiler, visualVM. On OS X, just type the command jvisualvm in a terminal.

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