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CvMat* nextimg = 0;
int firstframe;


if I don't put "==0" returns the following warning:

[Warning] assignment makes integer from pointer without a cast
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Its a shortened equivalent of

int firstframe;
if (nextimg == 0) {
    firstframe = 1;
else {
    firstframe = 0;
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It is performing two operations:

  1. Check if nextimg==0
  2. Assign boolean outcome of #1 to firstframe

If you remove the ==0, statement results in a pointer being assigned to an integer and hence the warning.

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firstframe is set to 0 if nextimg is a NULL pointer and firstframe is set to 1 if nextimg is a non-NULL pointer

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firstframe=nextimg==0; - Here check is happening for nextimg whethet it is equal to zero. Once the check is done return value will be TRUE or FALSE. That return value will get assigned to firstframe. There is no warning because the return value of condition check is assigned here.

firstframe=nextimg; - Here value of nextimg is assigned to firstframe. NULL pointer is assigned to nextimg so you are getting that warning.

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It's equivalent to this code:

CvMat* nextimg = NULL;
int firstframe;

firstframe = (nextimg == NULL);

The condition of nextimg == NULL returns 0 for false and 1 for true.

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