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I'm trying to extract and compile the SHA-512 implementation in sphlib. The problem is this part:

sph_sha512_close(void *cc, void *dst)
    sha384_close(cc, dst, 8);

I can not for the life of me find where sha384_close is defined. In fact, a search through the entire project shows no definitions/declarations at all.

Does anyone know where this function is defined?

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It appears to be a macro at the bottom of md_helper.c; from sha2.c:

#define RFUN   sha3_round
#define HASH   sha384
#define BE64   1
#include "md_helper.c"

and at the bottom of md_helper:

static void
SPH_XCAT(HASH, _close)(void *cc, void *dst, unsigned rnum)
    SPH_XCAT(HASH, _addbits_and_close)(cc, 0, 0, dst, rnum);

where SPH_XCAT is just token concatenation of HASH (=sha384) and _close.

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Amazing! +1 and accepted (in 3 minutes). –  orlp Jan 21 '13 at 16:08

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