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I am trying to use my custom styling created through Google Maps API v3 with an existant map I created through the My Places tool online, without downloading the KML data.

Here is a link to my map with the KML data:

I saw a previous question which addressed this issue:

Query existing, public Google Map via the Google Maps API v3

However, rather than downloading the KML data, is there a way to use my map directly? I need to later make changes to the place markers without having to download the KML each time.

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When you create the map in MyPlaces the link to your KML document is a unique URL which you could load using the API, in your case the URL above with the output=kml variable added to the URL:

This link will generate KML with any changes included, so if you read your KML from here every time your changes will be displayed when a client makes use of this data. I am thinking that hitting the URL directly is not violating what you mean by "not downloading the KML", am I correct?

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Ok that sounds perfect, I will give this a go now, thank you very much for your quick response! – Alex Jan 21 '13 at 16:21

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