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I will try the way of the following code:

'Click on Button1 spell checks Text1 textbox
Dim strResultText As String
Dim sc As New SpellChecker
sc.OpenDictionary "c:\SpellUS.lex"
Private Sub Button1_Click()

    strResultText = sc.CheckText(TextBox1.Text, ExitStatus)
    TextBox1.Text = strResultText
End Sub

But The above code is error. 1. SpellChecker 2.ExitStatus

I can identify the error.But I don't know.How do fix the error?.So anybody know the problem please help.

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What happens? What is the expected result? This isn’t a real question that can be answered. –  Konrad Rudolph Sep 18 '09 at 12:30

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I would imagine checking the ExitStatus would give you a clue about the error (if there is one that is)

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