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I am working with a third party library in a project, and it includes two .dll files and a .jar fie to provide a JNI Wrapper. The test project that the third party vendor included in the .jar file can be called using the following command:

java -cp product.jar

This works just fine, as long as the .jar and both of the dll's are in the same directory.

In my project I have placed the jar file and the dll's in the same directory, and then referenced the jar file as a library in IntelliJ Idea, but this causes the library to be unable to find the dll's. Is there a way that I can tell Idea where the dll's are so it can output them in the same directory as the jar file during execution?

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You can set the java.library.path system property to point out to Java where to look for native libraries.


Note, according to this answer, it is a read-only field that is checked before you have the opportunity to change it in code, but they provide a work-around. In general, I have never needed to set the value at runtime compared to at launch.

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The DLL are loaded from path variable. You could change the value when launching the application.

Alternatively, you can construct the path to dll (again by using environment variable /system variable) and load it via System.load()

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