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I tried to output this line below in a text file

label= "Paul\n\n\D.Naiss:Inc"

I tried like this:

out.write("label= \"" +firstname+ " \"\n\n\"D.Naiss:Inc");

but the \n does not appears. It writes

label= "Paulo ""D.Naiss:Inc

How can I solve this?


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\\n should do it –  user1002973 Jan 21 '13 at 16:16

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public class TEster {
    public static void main(String args[]) {
        System.out.println("Hello \\n World!");

Will print..

Hello \n World!
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You have to use a '\' on '\n' so that your code reads

out.write("label= \"" +firstname+ " \"\\n\\n\"D.Naiss:Inc");

Otherwise, it interprets a new line character itself should be placed in the text file.

The escape character before the \ character means that you want to actually print \ rather than a special character.

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\n is a line feed special character, have you tried \\n?

\\ will give a single \ character followed by the n.

If however you're after a line feed and the text editor isn't showing it correctly perhaps you're looking for a missing \r as well though? e.g.

label= "Paul\r\n\r\n\D.Naiss:Inc"

Some windows editors look for \r\n but most will understand \n is all that's needed.

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If you want to output \n it won't be displayed because that's an escape sequence (inserts a new line). Another example is if you want to output \t: write \\t

Like the above comment you should write \n. Now Java won't identify this as an escape sequence but prints what you want

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