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I'm supposed to port an Android app into Nokia S40 app. I used GSON in Android to parse JSON. But unfortunately GSON is not compatible with J2ME. I tried Flexson and Jackson but no luck. So is there any library available to Serialize/Deserialize JSON for J2ME?

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Official JSON site points to https://github.com/upictec/org.json.me/ Have you tried it?

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I'm using it atm. It only converts JSON string into JSONObject, theres no support for serializing/deserializing objects as GSON and other libraries offer. But, I din't find any. So Using json.me I wrote custom parser to convert JSON string into my POJOs. –  Umayr Jan 23 '13 at 18:17

I suggest you try Codename One which has a builtin JSON parser and works well for J2ME, Android, RIM,iOS and Windows.

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