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I would like to set my styling-colors of my wordpress-theme with theme-options. My problem is, how do I get the color-value of theme options into my css? I know where the theme-options values are stored, but how can I connect this with my css?

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  1. Use PHP to write a CSS file every time theme options change (a CSS cache).

    You can also take advantage of CSS preprocessors like Less or Sass, which compile the CSS for you.

    Sample code, assuming you are using the WP options API:

    $theme_options = get_option('my_theme_options');
    // previous hash
    $oldHash = get_transient('my_theme_options_hash');
    // hash representation of your current theme options
    $currentHash = md5(var_export($theme_options, true));
    // compare hashes and regenerate if necessary
    if($oldHash !== $currentHash){
      // compile/write your CSS to a file here
      // update hash and make it expire after 14 days
      set_transient('my_theme_options_hash', $currentHash, 60 * 60 * 24 * 14);
  2. Put inline CSS code in your theme header:

         background-color: <?= get_option('my_theme_color'); ?>; 
  3. (Worst possible option) Turn your stylesheet into a PHP script that outputs text/css. This is bad because you're forcing your server run WordPress twice for every user page request. You could call a script that only loads basic WP components, but it's still going to be slower than using a static CSS

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Thank you. I have used the 2. otion and its working.... – buddy Jan 24 '13 at 11:31
@onetrickpony Do you have any links or resources about option 1 (php script that writes a CSS file every theme options change)? I'm finding a lot of info about CSS preprocessors but I want a simple method of recompiling the CSS only when theme options change and not adding another PHP call for every page load. – nextgentech Mar 20 '14 at 10:52
@nextgentech: I've added some code that might help you understand how to do this – nice ass Mar 20 '14 at 11:49

This is a great question.

NetTuts has tutorial that explains the method of fooling the browser to interpret a CSS file as PHP, therefore you could use PHP inside CSS and load color variables for example.

And you will be able to use something like this:

$font: arial, sans-serif;  
$main-color: #3D7169; $secondary-color: #000;  
h1 {  
    font: 200% $font;  
    color: $main-color;  
p {  
    background: $secondary-color;  
    color: $main-color;  
    font-family: $font;  
    padding: 10px;  
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You can have dynamic css by changing Style.css to Style.php.

If you are questioning is it possible ?

Yes it is, here is the good reference that will show you how & what are the other benefits of using it & how to use it.

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