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Is there any opensource or public domain repository of bugs where one can see the various bugs, symptoms of those bugs, and their fixes. The bugs could be from any part of the code, OS, GUI, device drivers etc.
I guess if at there is anything like this, it might be from some open source development initiative like Linux Kernel Development, or some other Opensource project. Is there anything like this available online? It would be a vluable inputs to developers and testers all alike.

wishes, -Ajit

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Virtually every open source project has a bug tacking system. For example, here's the one for Apache projects:

However, I think you might be asking about a generic cause/effect bug database. I don't know of anything specifically like that, but you might be interested in the work on Software Patterns and particularly Anti-Patterns.

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Take a look at common types of computer bugs on Wikipedia. For more specific bugs, most open source projects maintain a public bug tracker.

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There is BugTraq, however it focuses more on the security implications of the bugs founds.

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Maybe you might want to see It helps you to search for errors and bugs which other people have searched for.

I think it is not very famous nor has many users.

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That domain does not exist any more. – carleson Feb 15 '14 at 15:27

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