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AppFabric Cache may lose session state if there is RAM pressure on the cache cluster nodes, or if the cluster is not in high availability mode and a node is lost (e.g. fails or is rebooted).

Typically a backing store would be used in those circumstances to allow the cache entry to be recreated in the event of a cache miss (it is a cache after all). Does the AppFabric Cache ASP.NET session state provider allow for a backing store, e.g. by forming a layer over one of the traditional session state providers? (such as ASP.NET State Service, or the SQL Server based provider).


There is no mention of such a thing in the config documentation:

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AppFabric is for caching not storing : you can't know for sure when a cache entry is removed. If you want to be sure that your session won't be removed by the server use sql server session state provider instead. –  remi bourgarel Jan 22 '13 at 9:18
@Remi - That's the question. Microsoft's standard session state provider seems to be using the cache as a store not as a cache, which may be a reasonable option if the cache is set to high-availability mode. Just trying to pull together info on whether this interpretation/understanding is correct or not. –  redcalx Jan 22 '13 at 11:10

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As you said, this concept is unknow by AppFabric Session Provider because AppFabric is basically a distributed in-memory cache cluster. You can achieve persitence with Read-Through and Write-Behind but not for sessions.

You best option is to plan correctly you cache usage and actively monitor the cluster.

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