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I want to make my buttons style like the following enter image description here

I want to implement these buttons with my custom view I mean without using the AlertDialog

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You can just do it with xml, like this:

Put this in drawable/border.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<shape xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android" android:shape="rectangle" >
   <solid android:color="#000000" />
   <stroke android:width="1dip" android:color="#333333"/>

And then in your layout file:

    ... />

Then you can just set your width & height to make it look great! :)

Edit: I would recommend to use this answer instead thought, much more better to use built-in Android-resources.

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it is near to the image but the color of background is not black –  Mohammed Subhi Sheikh Quroush Jan 21 '13 at 20:13
Yeah but you can change the background color to whatever you want. Just change the hex color here: <solid android:color="#000000" /> –  GuiceU Jan 22 '13 at 8:08

If you prefer to use standard android attributes, see my answer here.

In short, for your buttons set style="?android:attr/buttonBarButtonStyle" and put them in a LinearLayout that has style="?android:attr/buttonBarStyle".

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This is the most correct answer. Attribute buttonBarButtonStyle is in holo theme (not sure about previous) set to borderlessButtonStyle which is what OP is after. +1 –  Anderson Apr 29 '14 at 7:13
unfortunately this requires API 11. –  AsafK Aug 19 '14 at 10:47
This does not look like the Alert Dialog. There are no dividers, above buttons or in middle of buttons –  lostintranslation May 13 at 22:41

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