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I am using the following code to fill a datagridview with rows from a datatable. private void FillEmpEmer() { int emerNo;

        empEmerDT.Columns.Add("Emergency Number", typeof(string));
        empEmerDT.Columns.Add("Emergency Address", typeof(string));

        empEmerRows = EmpInfoDS.Tables["EmpEmer"].Select("EmpID='" + txt_EmpID.Text + "'");
        foreach (DataRow dR in empEmerRows)
            emerNo = Convert.ToInt32(dR[1]);
            emerRows = EmpInfoDS.Tables["Emer"].Select("EmerNo='" + emerNo + "'");

            empEmerDT.Rows.Add(emerNo, emerRows[0][1]);

          dataGrid_Emer.DataSource = null;
          dataGrid_Emer.DataSource = empEmerDT.DefaultView;

How do I store the new Rows that have been added to the datagridview into a new DATAROW array ???

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You can take advantage of DataTable's GetChanges method to get a reference to the DataRows that has been added.

It's like this:

DataTable changeTable = table.GetChanges(DataRowState.Added);
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Can this code be any simpler !!! Thanks man –  Waqas Ali Jan 21 '13 at 17:21

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