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Hey. I am needing to get a thumbnail scroller to use for a project. I am unsure how to do this myself but feel what I want is basic. I am looking to simply have a div with left and right arrows that scroll through an array of images.

I am trying to use prettyGallery (http://www.no-margin-for-errors.com/projects/prettyGallery/) and I am coming across a snag. While everything works fine in Firefox, I receive an error in IE 7 which directs me to line 1047 of my index file which contains only 40 lines or so.

I have narrowed the error down to this line which is called when the document is loaded: $('.gallery').prettyGallery();

That line then calls to this function which is in an external JS file:

jQuery.fn.prettyGallery = function(settings) {

settings = jQuery.extend({
	itemsPerPage : 9,
	animationSpeed : 'normal',
	navigation : 'bottom',
	of_label: ' of ',
	previous_title_label: 'Previous page',
	next_title_label: 'Next page',
	previous_label: 'Previous',
	next_label: 'Next'
}, settings);

I am pretty stumped with this. If you need more code, feel free to ask and I will post more up. Or, if you have a simple thumbnail scroller alternative that is easy to implement, please point me in the right direction.

Thank you.

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