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I have a command line server for which I want to create a wrapper in python. The idea is that the wrapper receives commands like:

my_wrapper start
my_wrapper stop
my_wrapper restart
my_wrapper status

And handles the server in background, unlinked to the terminal that launched it from the wrapper.

I was about to start thinking on how to do it and thought on the golden rule, DRY.

Do you know of any example code I should start reading before starting my first line?


I noticed I didn't include that the server is a jar file, so I'll have to run it using subprocess or something similar.

I'd prefer not to use modules that are not included in python's standard lib.

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You could use an implementation of PEP 3143 - Standard daemon process library. One existing is python-daemon.

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I'd prefer not to use external libs. Also, the server I'm running is not python code, it looks like I can still use subprocess with python-daemon, but I'd prefer to keep it more simple. –  Santi Sep 18 '09 at 13:25

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